Alina Raskin, a Canadian-Armenian soprano, was born and raised in Yerevan, Armenia. She holds a Master’s degree in violin from the Komitas State Conservatory. After completing her studies, her passion for singing led her to pursue a second major in Voice. While initially dreaming of exploring the world beyond the Soviet Union, she settled in Israel, where she trained under Professor Ella Akritova, a renowned Ukrainian opera soloist and Professor of the Kiev State Conservatory (Ukraine). Alina made her debut in Jerusalem and furthered her performances across Israel.

Later, Alina and her family relocated to Canada, where she continued to perform solo and collaborate with musicians in the Vancouver area. Seeking artistic growth, she trained with Metropolitan Opera soloist Perry Price in the UBC Summer Intensive Program. Her dedication led her to win the N.A.T.S. songfest in 2004 and perform at the Gala concert.

Throughout her journey, teachers like Ludmila Brown and Peter Barcza played pivotal roles in shaping Alina as a singer. She explored European, Russian, Armenian, and Ukrainian music, expanding her operatic repertoire. Alina’s performances have garnered acclaim on tours to Germany, including cities like Stuttgart, Frankfurt, and Dietzenbach.

Alina is known for her unique voice, often compared to singing birds and bells.  Her voice has evolved gracefully, adding a soulful, dramatic edge to her performances.